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Best colleges of andhrapradesh

What is Engineering

Engineering is defined as “The creative application of scientific principles to design or develop structures, machines, apparatus, or manufacturing processes, or works utilizing them singly or in combination; or to construct or operate the same with full cognizance of their design, or to forecast their behavior under specific operating conditions; all as respects an intended function, economics of operation and safety to life and property”.

Back then engineering was used as a method to build things such as houses, wheels, dams, bridges, etc. Now, engineering is divided into different branches such as Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Computer Science, Electronics, Aerospace, Marine, Information Technology and many other Interdisciplinary courses. All these branches are used to solve the problems or improve the existing solutions.

List of Branches

Each branch has its own specialty. Computer Science deals with computers and their software. Electronics deals with all electronic items. While Electricals deals with all the electrical components, Mechanical deals with mechanical things such as motors, gears, etc. Civil engineering deals with building roads, bridges, and dams. Aerospace deals with building airplanes and their machinery. We can’t conclude a particular branch is good to choose. Every branch is important and each has its own craze. Aspirants should choose according to their interests and decide which branch suits them. Every college has almost all the branches in their institutes.

How Engineering colleges are categorized in Tier-1 / Tier-2 / Tier-3

Coming to colleges, India has the best colleges for engineering. IIT’s, NIT’s, IIIT’s, Private Institutions, and many regional colleges are providing the best education in engineering. Aspirants need to clear respective college entrances and can get admitted. Colleges are categorized into Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-3 colleges based on Quality of education, Placements provided, latest equipment in labs, Research and Professional practice, IPR, and Patent, and many more. Ranking for colleges is done by NIRF. Please check the website for more details.

Engineering Now-a-days

These days you can find graduated engineers everywhere. People graduating from engineering are around 1.5million in India every year. This is because India is having a total of 6214 Colleges and Technological Institutions in which around a 2.9Million students are enrolled. But due to the lack of skills, required to perform technical jobs, less than 20% get employment in their core domain. This lack of skills is due to many factors. One of the main reasons is due to “Reservations” in our country. Seats are allocated not by talent but by reservations. This has made many eligible students go seat less. Another main factor is the selection of branches. Students should select branches based on their interests and not by any force nor by checking current market trends and society. If you don’t go by your decision that would cause a lack of interest and result in vain. Many other factors such as OverPopulation, no educated parents or no one guiding about education, not knowing about good colleges, their entrances and many more have contributed to the factor of lack of skills to the graduates. So, I have decided to publish a blog to acknowledge one of the factors of deciding the best colleges so that eligible students get to know the best colleges.

List of Top 20 Engineering colleges in Andhrapradesh

In Telangana and Andhrapradesh, Government conducts entrance to get admission into state engineering colleges. This entrance is called EAMCET which abbreviates into Engineering Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test. This is the list of the top 20 EAMCET colleges in Andhrapradesh. We have collected this information from all the alumni students so that we can provide you exact information about the colleges and you can make correct decisions.

  1. JNTU College of Engineering – Kakinada
  2. AU College of Engineering – Vishakapatnam
  3. S V U College of Engineering – Tirupathi
  4. Gayatri Vidyaparishad College of Engineering – Vishakapatnam
  5. V R Siddhartha Engineering College – Vijayawada
  6. JNTU College of Engineering – Ananthapur
  7. R V R& J C college of Engineering – Guntur
  8. JNTU College of Engineering – Vizianagaram
  9. S R K R Engineering College – Bhimvaram
  10. Anil Neerukonda Institute of Science and Technology – Bheemunipatnam, Vishakapatnam
  11. Sri Vidya Niketan Engineering College – Chittoor
  12. JNTU College of Engineering – Narsaraopeta
  13. JNTU College of Engineering – Pulivendula
  14. JNTU College of Engineering – Kalikiri
  15. G M R Institute of Technology – Rajam
  16. G P R Engineering college – Kurnool
  17. Vishnu Institute of Technology – Bhimavaram
  18. M V G R College of Engineering – Vizianagaram
  19. P V P Siddhartha Institute of Technology – Vijayawada
  20. Pragati Engineering College – Peddapuram

This list is according to 2019 EAMCET last rank cut-off . Hope this is useful to you. I am also attaching the complete file of EAMCET 2019 last rank of every college.

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