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Well, 2021 has witnessed many advancements in Tech. Even though the pandemic has not wiped out completely, every Tech company has really tried to put their efforts to stay on schedule and develop new ideas without delay.

In this post, I will cover all the major tech revolutions which happened in 2021 and how those revolutions had made a way for Future. Let’s dive in….


I must truly appreciate the “Pholdable”phones launched by Samsung this year “Galaxy Z Flip 3”and “Galaxy Z Fold 3”. These 3rd Gen foldable phones has met all the expectations of the users and were the perfect foldable phones to their previous generations by eliminating all the issues in them. 

Samsung did a great job and they have set the bar for other companies in this segment. Both Flip and Fold are having high end hardware and softwares with the additional feature of Folding which made customers lure them and low cost when compared to previous generations is like “cherry on the cake”.

Many Tech YouTubers have awarded these foldable phones as the “Best Smartphones of the Year 2021”. I too had a hands on “Flip”and my first impression was like it was same as “Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra” with the feature of Folding. Even though launching them at the beginning of the 2021. Their hardware and software have stood apart from all of them even at the end of 2021. May we see many more foldable phones coming this year and be the Future of Smartphones. Hope “Apple”sees this post and work on foldable phones. I am expecting them in near future.

Google following Apple

You might be wondering what could the heading meant. 

Earlier Tech Giants like Apple, Samsung and Google used to rely on Chip Manufacturers to have chips soldered in their products. But in 2020, Apple created an in house chip called “M1”on their MacBooks and Ipad’s . They were such powerful that when compared to top Intel chips they were twice more efficient and powerful. In 2021, Apple has even launched “M1 Max”and “M1 Pro”versions and now I leave it your imagination how powerful they can be. 

I am personally using an MacBook Air with M1 chip and it the best laptop I have ever seen. Simple example of it is it lasts about 20 hours from a full charge. 

This year Google has come up with its own chipset naming”TensorFlow”for its Pixel 6 series smartphones. It is named after its ML algorithm stating that chip would do all the algorithms inside the smartphone itself without even sending it to Cloud for computing.

That way Top Techies are after their own chips so that it would be useful in two reasons. 

  1. Not to depend on other companies for the chips
  2. Build chips in such a way that it integrates with their software and increase the productivity.

Commercial Space Flight

Did you remember that Amazon CEO “Jeff Bezos”went on a space flight this year? Companies like  “Blue Origin”  and “Virgin Galactic” are the first ones to start the services. This evidence us that this is just the beginning and it may come even to common man in the next generation.

Windows 11

This year Microsoft has come up with Windows 11 and I guess this is the only best thing this year the company has to offer to its customers. Windows was last upgraded in 2015. Of course, there were many changes made to its OS. Rounded corners, updated windows store with accessibility to android apps, UI changes to the icons and tiles, Moving windows symbol to middle, In built Teams app and many minor changes. 

But still it didn’t had all the features or the security when compared to Linux or Mac OS.

Facebook to Meta

Facebook has changed its name to “Meta” and also to all its subsidiaries. Company stated that this change is for the concept of “Metaverse”of Mark Zuckerberg where we can connect with others, business and everything via a virtual medium. 

But I still doubt whether this is really a change for Metaverse or Meta”Worse”.

5G Developments

Even though 5g was announced in the beginning of the year, No advances were made to this technology either by govt nor by the Telcos. But in December, govt announced that 5g will be rolled out to 13 cities by 2022 march. This is surely a good news but a lot more to go.

Check out the article on 5G in India and find out the mobiles which support 5g bands

5g Network and supported devices in India

NFT’s and Crypto

We have heard a lot about crypto this year and people think that it has a long way to go. While Blockchain developers are creating more tokens everyday, some governments are regulating it. There is still a lack of correct set of guidelines in India regarding regulation of Crypto.

NFT’s are new this year and also there was no sign of these previous year. NFT (Non Fungible Token) which means its a proof/certificate that is used to record the ownership of a digital asset. 

An example of a NFT is Twitter CEO selling his First Tweet and the buyer has the whole rights to it.

Check out the blog post on CryptoCurrencies and how to Invest in Crypto in India

Electric Vehicles

This is the segment where we have seen huge improvements in the last year. Many two wheelers and four wheeler vehicles have been launched in India. Almost all companies are trying to make progress in this segment.

Some of them are

  1. Ola S1 pro and S1
  2. Tata Nexon EV and Tigor EV
  3. MG ZS EV
  4. Hero Electric Bicycle

While these are some of the most popular ones, the list is a bigger one. India is paying a way for Electric market.

There are few more things that happened in 2021 like log4j vulnerability, Whatsapp and Instagram going down, Bitcoin touching all time high record, Jeff Bezos stepping down as CEO of Amazon, Twitter appointing an Indian “Parag Agarwal”as CEO, Many Indian startups going IPO including “Zomato” “Mamaearth” “MapMyIndia”. Semiconductor chips falling short, Playstation 5 release, Production of iPhone 12 in India, and many more 

To know about the best gadgets which are released this year, check out the link 


Well, these were the advancement in Tech which happened in the year 2021. Sorry, if I had missed anything. Let me in the comments below. After seeing these advancements, as a Tech Enthusiastic I feel there were no such great improvements or the products happened in 2021. Hope we see many advancements and breakthroughs so that they will make a way for Future. Comment down your feelings towards these advancements and also let me know how these advancements has helped you if any.

Happy Exploring…Wish you a Happy New Year….

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