HealthTech- What it is and How it is Used

Health Tech- Technology which helps to improve health care

We all know how much we value our health. Nothing is greater when compared to health. So, when it is such an important aspect in our lives what should be done to eliminate some major concerns such as human errors, detailed analysis, predictions through diagnosis in medical Industry? The only answer is Technology. Yes, technology has the power to address these issues. This is predicted by many companies and start-ups and they decided to become as Health Tech companies.

What is Health Tech?

Health Tech or Health Care Technology is referred to as the use of technology/technologies which are designed/developed for the purpose of addressing/improving all the aspects of health care system. In every industry, we see issues, and if technology can solve them then there is no looking back because Technology is not only the “Jack of all Trades” but also the “Master of Everything”.

How it is used?

2020 was a year of concern about our health as COVID-19 Pandemic hit our world. This was very new and no one knew how to deal with it. Millions of people have died across the world. This Pandemic also has restricted everyone to stay at home which resulted in a great concern to think about how to consult doctors or how to order medicines or how to diagnose our disease or how to be safe when visiting a hospital. 

These are minor areas to think about because the Picture is big. In this blog, I am going to address those areas and how tech can be used to solve them.

Check the video below on how “Future of Health”will be

Future of Health by Deloitte

Areas to Assist:

Let’s dive into some areas where Tech is needed to assist

Early Diagnosis of Cancer and other Fatal Diseases

We know how important it is diagnose Cancer in early stage. Because when it reach end stages then there is no other option than to die. Cancer is a serious issue and there is no complete cure for it, prevention and early recognition is the only way. 

By using AI, we can assist Pathologists in recognising patterns with more accuracy. AI can adapt and implement Machine Learning models more accurately by which we can get more precise results. Many Startups are developing those applications/tools to help Pathologists

Developing Medicines by recognising Composition

Drug and Pharma industry is a major industry in Health care sector. Millions of Rupees are invested in the industry to find out the suitable drug for a disease. Even after finding out the composition some of them may not be perfect enough which result in the loss of money, efforts, time and man power. 

If we implement AI and use machine learning algorithms then we can save much of them. By which there will be much scope to scientist in treating new disease than to work on the old ones.

Treating Mental illness and Psychological conditions

Many people won’t even recognise if they are facing mental illness. This can be due to many conditions but we can use AI driven Chatbots to speak with them and let know their present state of mind. By this we can detect them in early stage. This may also help us in recognising children who get influenced by evil power even if they share minute information.

Devices which can detect Organ failure

If you have ever seen a person who died due to heart failure, you will get to know how painful it will be because it happens all of a sudden and no one can detect. If he is not taken to a nearest hospital immediately then it will certainly leads to death. 

Imagine if we develop a device which constantly monitors patient heart and immediately send a message to nearest hospital and all his loved members his location then the chances of his death are lessened. Similarly we can develop devices for all the organs and act accordingly.

Robots assisting during Surgeries

How expert can a surgeon be but sometimes they make mistakes which might even cost a life. So if we have Robots which can assist then the chances are reduced. I don’t say that Robots won’t make mistakes but if we only use them in assistance but not in doing a surgery can help us in all the ways. 

By using AR & VR, checking the Fitness

Now there are many wearables and fitness bands which are used to check our fitness but they are limited to only some extent. Imagine if we have a Augmented and a Virtual reality devices which scan our bodies and check our fitness and find out the changes such as obesity, increase in muscles, and many more.

Tools helping Administrative service of Hospitals

Administrative services in hospitals are very laggy in India. Patients have to wait for a longer time. Imagine a situation, you have an utmost emergency to treat and when you reached hospital you can see that there are other cases. Even though yours is an critical issue doctor cannot treat you as he don’t know the importance. So if any tool can figure out the importance of the patient then they will treat you immediately. 

Apart from these, ordering medicines online, Consulting doctor online and many more are treated as of today in India.


I have made a complete research on how Technology can help humans in treating some of the serious issues as mentioned above. There may be much more critical issues which need to be addressed. If you know any of them please mention in the comments below. 

The main intention of writing this blog is to let you know how much scope there is for Technology in Health care. These are only some of them which I have researched. So, If you are talented enough then please try to work on these issues and solve them. I strongly believe that Health Tech is the future. But for this you must not only be a Techie but also you need to understand Medicine and deal with doctors. Only then your product will create an impact.

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