Best Books to read for every entrance

Best books for entrance

Can we compare the mock with the main exam? Even though you may give many of them but it would be very different when compared to the exam given in your college to the entrance given for the college. Entrances won’t be that easy. We must work hard to crack them. That entrance can be any but the hard work you have to put in will be the same. That can be your Mains/NEET or IELTS and many more. For all those to crack, we need a good preparation. For a good preparation, we need right strategy and for right strategy we need right books.

Right books can put us par the line or you have to struggle a lot. So in this article, I would like to mention the best books for all the entrances so that you don’t have to search everywhere. Here I would be mentioning best books which are having top standards and I would add link which will guide you with other books as well. So let’s dive in


The International English Language Testing System is a test where you would be tested upon English language proficiency. It is a must to get into countries where English is the native language like in UK, US, Australia, Canada and more. It can be for work, study, or to live in those countries you need to get your English skills tested on a scale of 0-9 where 9 is the highest.

To get a high score in this test, you must improve your skills very much. For that you need best practises. So in order to do well, you must prepare with high standards. Although there are many coaching centres, you must prepare from top notch books. Some of them are,


This book helps you in getting high grades in IELTS. This book also provides opinions and tips from people who have already given their test. Step- by –step plan will help you better understanding the test. It has full length mock tests. It also contains DVD which helps you in increasing speaking and listening abilities


This series of books is also one of the best one in the market to provide good knowledge on test. It has a lot of information and very comprehensive. It also has mocks and Audio CD’s.

You can find more at below link


Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering(GATE) is one of the toughest exams in India. It is an entrance exam to get into master program in India’s top most Institutes or Public Sector Companies. This entrance will be based on Undergraduate Programs in Engineering. You can find more details about GATE in below link.

GATE is conducted for all the branches. So I would add every branch as I update this blog post. Please have a look.


TopicBook NameAuthor
Digital CircuitsDigital Logic and Computer DesignMorris Mano
ElectromagneticsPrinciples of ElectromagneticsMatthew N.O. Sadiku
MicroprocessorsMicroprocessors and Its InterfacingDoughlus V Hall  
CommunicationsCommunication SystemsSimon Haykins
Control SystemsAutomatic Control SystemsBenjamin Kuo
Analog CircuitsOp-Amps & Linear Integrated circuitsRamakanth Gayakwad
Electronic CircuitsElectronic Device CircuitsMillman

To find more books, please visit below link

I would add more Branches and their books in regular updates


Of course, both are different entrances but they are given after your class 12th. Among them, Physics and Chemistry are common subjects. That is why I included both of them together. Both entrances are very important for students to get into Under graduate Institutions. While JEEMAINS is for Engineering study, NEET is for MBBS study. JEE contains Maths and while NEET contains Biology. So I would list down best materials/books to read for both the entrances.


Physics is the most crucial subject and also the deciding factor. To learn from its basic concepts, we require best books to gain knowledge. Some of them are,

Concepts of Physics by HC VERMA

This book contains two volumes which covers complete syllabus for both the entrances. The standard is very high and also deep. If you can complete reading and understanding this book then there is no way to stop you in physics.

Understanding Physics by D C PANDEY

This is divided into 4 volumes. This book explains the theory well and also has every derivation in it. It also has high standard problems to solve.

Apart from these books, NCERT testbooks are also the best ones to start from base.


The most scoring subject among the three. Also it is easy when compared to other two. So your target must be high score in this subject. For that you need best books to learn from.


This is the best book for Organic chemistry. No other book can have as detail as this. No other alternative too.


For Inorganic, this book stands as a wall for students. It has complete knowledge and full in depth detail.


Even for Physical chem, O.P. Tandon’s book is the best one. It has numerous problems to solve and also contain every minute detail about calculations.

Next time i will add Maths and Biology related books.

I will adding books related to all the entrances in regular updates. This is not a one time complete one. Hope you understand.

Final Thoughts:

Hardwork is the key to success. After hard work only, smart work comes into picture. So first work hard and then become successful. All the Best.

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