About Us

Hello Reader

This is Prathamesh Kulakarni from the South of India. I’d like to wish you a very warm welcome to “Unofficial Judgement”. I know you took your time to come this way along and I promise you that you won’t regret your valuable time and decision you made. 

This is a blog page where I will post my views and opinions on the latest Gadgets and upcoming trends in Gadgets. My main goal is to provide the best answers to the questions you face in real life regarding gadgets and technologies. I took this niche as my blog’s niche because as a reader I couldn’t find good articles/blogs which provide precise information and quality content regarding technology that changes every day. I have decided to post articles that are helpful to all my readers and try to update the articles frequently.

Professional Life :

Coming to my Professional life, I am an Engineering Graduate working as a Software Developer in an MNC. Besides that, I have also worked as a content writer for many start-ups. I do a lot of freelancing work for a start-up.

I have a passionate interest in writing and influencing people with my ideas on technology and on various aspects. Also, I am a Bibliophile. All these things have made me turn out to be a Blogger.

About Blog:

This is my first project and I know how difficult it is to gain potential readers. This will be purely a personal blog. I just want to cover posts on various topics and in mere future, I will try to cover all the knowledge that I have gained through my experiences

I will put in all my efforts and try to astonish you with the content and make you a potential reader of my blog. I would also truly appreciate your efforts for the blog such as sharing the content with your family and friends in case you like it.

I hope that you enjoy reading my “Unofficial Judgements” and also I would love to hear from you. Comment down below on every post or mail us with all your suggestions and love in the contact form. It would really help me post more content and boost me up.